Interhemispheric labyrinth with loops

  • 1,750 ₽

This is a great option for those who correctly allocate the space. It is convenient to hang the labyrinth with loops on the wall after exercises, thereby clearing the space on the table and not taking a shelf in the closet, or to exercise on the labyrinth without removing it from the wall. It is convenient to hang it near the children's bed. After waking up the child will do an excellent brain exercise by passing through the labyrinth. The accompanying printed material with exercises will help to make a level more complex. The high quality of the labyrinth finishing allows moving not only stylus but also fingers along the paths. For example, having spread sand in the paths, the child will get a finger-ends massage when moving fingers. We recommend exercising with an interhemispheric labyrinth before studying new material for 5-10 minutes, or the activity of the required active brain functions.



  • Eco-friendly birch plywood

Complete set

  • Two standard chips
  • Exercise Printed Materials
  • Silicone feet


  • Product: 500 * 250 * 15 mm
  • Packaging: 540 * 270 * 55 mm


  • Shipping weight: 1500 g

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