Hand-eye coordination labyrinth no.14

  • 1,350 ₽

Hand-eye coordination labyrinth No. 14 is designed for exercising children from 7 years old. The child is to roll the ball along the trajectory chosen by him/her or established by the adult without loosing his/her way. It is aimed at the child's understanding of spatial orientation, which helps to solve the problem of the body orientation in space and time in children, i.e. the concepts of right-left, in front-behind, over-under, between, diagonally. The product trains fine motor skills of hands, rhythm, coordination of movements, visual memory, concentration of attention, perseverance and, most importantly, logical thinking. During exercises with a hand-eye coordination labyrinth, cerebellar stimulation and the development of interhemispheric connections occur. It can be found among the devices of speech therapist, neuropsychologist and psychologist as a faithful assistant in influencing on a child's intelligence through the game and creating new neural connections between the hemispheres and their synchronization.