How about customizations (colour, tunung, material, etc.)?
Custom options are not available because we don’t want to take a risk in some unknown experiments. Every scale we offer is selected from popular scales and modified (has lower key in comparison with handpans) to make it sound as better as possible on a RAV.

How can I choose the better tune for me?
Usually your own scale is chosen by heart — you just may hear the recordings and decide what closer to your soul. If you have some difficulties with a choise feel free to ask us for advise.

What tuning is the best for beginners?
We recommend the B Celtic or D Major — the most popular tunings among beginners.

How can I try RAV?
Tell us where you are from and we will try to find our client who has the RAV and lives in the same area.
Or we can show you the drum live via Skype or some other video service.

Have another question?
Ask us!