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The Sound Healing

Javi López story, RAV owner

Music has always been present in my life since I was a child, always calling me not only to listen but to learn to play music, always receiving the support of my family, and very grateful for it. I started learning guitar, after took to study Sound Technician with several specializations, working as a sound technician and musical composer until the year 2010-2011 I had the opportunity to live the power that the healing sound of the Overtones Singing, Tibetan Bowls among other ancestral instruments made me see Another possibility of approaching the music and sound healer, not being at that moment aware that it would be what would change the direction of my life, beliefs, patterns, environments of my day to day, work, people around me.

Through each one of the Ancestral Instruments that were entering my way of life, like the Ovetones Singing, Tibetan Bowls, Quartz Bowls, Native American Flutes, Shamanic Drum, Monocorde, Indian Tampura, Handpan, RavDrum, Gongs … Each and every one of them were teaching me more about my true essence, they were entering my life in a progressive way, without looking for them, I was simply discovering them, listening and feeling them, I began to study them and learn them, opening myself to perceive in a more subtle way In my day to day, I never started in it by a spiritual path or anything, all this and the experiences I was having with each instrument that I started playing as they appeared in my life, helped me to understand different areas of my life and becoming aware of them, and taking that internal power that is lodged in each Human Being and that we have only forgotten, through the amount of tools that exist in my way is the Sound of healing they help me remember.

I did not understand it but I simply harbored with the time of daily practice an internal calm that I had never felt before, all of which led me to become a Sound Therapist and expand experiences with the power that the Healing Sound reveals in each instrument and gives us its vibration.

The Healing Sound helps us to re-establish our vital energy, to release those established belief patterns that we have taken as our social, family, cultural … when it is only a limited way of seeing it, neither good nor bad, just a way , open up and recognize what our soul has truly come to do is when we enter that high vibration, that inner joy that you feel when we are developing it in our daily lives, sharing it with the world and transmitting it to each one of us through the tool that resonates the most
The Ravdrum is an instrument that under my experience with him, was a revelation when it appeared on my way, the first time I heard its sound I could not stop listening to it, it took me to a magical place, a space between everything we perceive as apparently Real, a space of internal silence, accompanied by its beautiful sounds, the sharp so beautiful that each note maintains when touched, was to find a tool that I felt I had to explore and contribute in my activities.

When my Integral RavDrum arrived in Amin, it was to connect with him at that moment, something arose in me that led me to touch him and create from time to time, beautiful melodies and rhythms that led you to create those atmospheres of calm, and relaxation in which the most beautiful things of our own lives happen, when we quiet our mind and can really perceive the essence of our human experience.
In these last years with working with him in my day to day, it is an instrument that quickly catches your attention both to the one who touches it and to the one who listens to it, creating a space of internal and external silence, and taking each of those there present to live their experience with the RavDrum, without the need to explain what to do in them when listening to it, simply stop and listen to it, stop and feel it, the rest is the experience of the moment, helping you relax from your day to day, learn to recognize what you really feel inside yourself, being a wonderful tool to use in meditation, relaxation, its sound that stays in long duration I love it because it helps you to work with the Ravdrum in a smooth, slow way creating atmospheres in those that the attention can be connected at all times by their sounds, their harmonics that last in time.

Then I started to introduce it to yoga classes with sound that I also do with different yoga teachers, and different yoga modalities, and it was a discovery for me to see the reaction of people after their yoga practice with sound, helps people to stay in their positions at times when it seems that the posture can with them, they are sustained in the live sound that the instrument gives them, and thus they can finish their sequence with greater energy and more attention in it, being a Wonderful combination of both practices.
In the end all the tools that we have help us to remember what is in us but we do not remember that it is, the healing sound I feel is a very pure tool, there are no concepts, ideas, or beliefs beyond what each you perceive when you listen, feel, and experience it, it is always different, and it always helps us to show us what we can not see in ourselves and make it conscious.

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