Labyrinth balance board no.3

  • 3,100 ₽

One of the most popular and favorite types of neuroteasers for the whole family is the labyrinth balance board. The task is not only to catch balance but also to move the ball balancing with the body along a given trajectory. It is bought for children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends. The balance boards are presented to children to prepare for any kind of sport and the development of intelligence, which is noticeably reflected in improving academic performance. Dads are forwarded to us for labyrinth balance boards by orthopedists or masseurs for back treatment. Moms buy them for home exercises to get in shape and keep the muscular frame in tonus because 10 minutes on the balance board replaces 30 minutes on the treadmill!! Wooden labyrinth balance board No. 3 belongs to the HIGH level of complexity, it is carefully sanded and coated with eco-lacquer. It sustains the weight up to 120 kg! *do not forget to choose the base. Balance board is recommended in the following cases: poor memory, slow mental processing, inability to think logically, slow reading and writing, misassimilation of new information, poor academic performance, impulsivity, with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, frequent nervous stress, developmental and speech delay, motor awkwardness, sedentary work, injuries if the cerebellum was affected. We recommend a balance board for the following: preparing for any kind of sport, warming up muscles before training, forming a muscular frame, pumping the smallest muscles of the back, buttocks and legs, prevention of scoliosis, recovery from injuries.