3d-infinity figure

  • 1,600 ₽

A training device that can be found in the office of a neuropsychologist, psychotherapist, speech therapist. It is of advanced level because it is important not to let the ball fall by turning the simulator in space keeping the pace. It is used not only to increase mental activity but also in working with the subconscious of children and adults. This labyrinth is conductive to the following: * development of interhemispheric connections * expansion of visual fields: perception improves, intellectual capacity expands * improving concentration * developing visual-motor coordination * spatial orientation improves, which helps to solve the problem of the body orientation in space and time in children, i.e. the concepts of right-left, in front-behind, over-under, between, diagonally. * promotes the work of the corpus callosum, which is responsible for the imaginative ability. * Reduces emotional stress (the eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) – a psychotherapy method developed by Francine Shapiro for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) caused by experiencing stressful events in children and adults. Children experience stress every day while exploring the world, then adapting to kindergarten, then to school, university, etc. Exercising with a "smart infinity" allows processing the accumulated negative memories. Impulsivity and hyperactivity are smoothed away. The nervous system is harmonized, the child comes to a state of internal balance and calmness.