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About the Tongue Drum

Steel tongue drum

Anyone who belongs to music industry must have heard about this wonderful instrument. But if you have not heard of it, you have this chance to know more about it. It is an amazing instrument. The Steel tongue drum is commonly referred to as Handpan. They produce wonderful and best tones, add color as well as a unique moderation when applied to your music. Indeed, notwithstanding the music genre, this instrument is useful.

History and heritage

This instrument originated in Caribbean island (Trinidad and Tobago) in the 1930s. It had several predecessors who are most notably the Tambiro by Vega and Whale drum by Double Jim. In February the year, 2007 Havlena was inspired by Tambiro’s physical properties. He was also inspired by Hang’s tone layout. He created the steel tongue drum which took a circular pattern layout shape. It was from an empty twenty-pound propane tank. This is when this name «Tongue Drum» came into existence from the «Hang» and «Tank» combination.
This instrument was later established in many parts of the world including Switzerland among other parts of Europe. It is mostly used in European countries even today. Dennis Havana’s instrument has, in turn, inspired other inventors of steel tongue drum. It is being used by many musicians to shape the tones and color of the music in the music industry. Today we have many vendors that provide commercial versions of this steel tongue instruments. The instrument takes the same family as bells, Tibetan bowls, and Shaman’s tambourine.

Uses of steel tongue drum


Everybody believes that tongue drums are very useful to every child. A child may choose this chance to benefit from drums to perform and play music. The instruments are unique and easy to every child understanding. For pre-school up to adult education, it serves children at any age. If you are in college or home-schooling this instruments will help your career come true. Tongue drum is easy, flexible, versatile, and creative to play. Indeed, no knowledge or experience needed to understand it. Just try it!

A stepping stone instrument in the music industry

The drum acts as a kind of fun in music development. It builds self-esteem thus considered as a stepping stone instrument by many. When later mixed with tones from wind instruments such as piano the song become even more amazing. It also creates a beautiful performance and recording.

Important in group and adults setting

This instrument is popular with teenagers and older children. It helps them to play music with a more, beautiful and sophisticated manner. Since these groups like the therapeutic and calming effect, they prefer to use it in all their ages. It works well with adults and children groups such as disabled people and people with disability.

The RAV Vast

RAV Vast drum is one of the best tongue drums that has taken everybody by surprise. RAV Vast seems to be a discovery to everybody who finds it. It has a hypnotic, meditative and tranquil sound. Among all other drums, it stands as the complete harmony of 5-8 tones on every tongue. Its rich in sound makes it popular and in-demand instrument. Give it a try and find out its importance.

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