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Top 5 Kids Musical Instruments

As a parent, you want your child to be a well-rounded, cultured individual when they grow up. Buying them children’s musical instruments goes a long way in teaching them different skills and introducing the beauty of music from an early age. Furthermore, you can help them discover and develop their talent early on, something that will come in handy if they decide to pursue music as a career. While many parents go for the classic guitar and pianos, there’s a whole world of great instruments that you can get. Below is a selection of five of the best.

A drum set. Let’s just say that a drum set for kids is a great idea both for the kid and the parent. It allows your child to experiment and to be creative as they set out to create their own tunes. They will learn rhythm and also perfect their coordination, qualities that will serve them well in the real world. Also in this digital age whereby many kids are living a dangerously sedentary lifestyle, a drum set is great for keeping them active.

If you are looking for something that’s unique and fun for both you and your child, go for the RAV Vast. This instrument looks like a drum, although it is shaped like a pan, something that makes it be also referred as a handpan. Kids like it for its unique and interesting shape, and they also find it easy to play. It is tuned perfectly so that the kids cannot play false notes. Given that the RAV Vast is also an adult instrument, you will enjoy playing it together with your mini-you. And also it’s super durable – and this is a very important factor when we talking about something for the kids.

If you are a fan of classical music and want you kid to follow suit, then a violin is the best way to go. It is one of the most popular musical instruments for kids, and with good reason. Its small size means that your kid will not overexert themselves while trying to learn. It also produces beautiful melodies that open up a whole new world for children. Depending on the age of the child, you can get them an electronic version that plays melodies or you can get them the real deal and let them learn to play it.

The children’s musical instruments covered so far mostly produce beats by hand or produce music by strings. What about making some music using the lungs. Woodwind instruments are the best for this. There is a good variety of such, including flutes and saxophones. You can also get these in kid size, complete with attractive bright colors and they lay a solid background for children to master the saxophone, trumpet, or trombones later in life.

Another great percussion instrument for kids is the xylophone. This instrument is easy enough to play, and even little kids will enjoy creating their own tunes on it. The xylophone version for younger kids comes decorated with different colors so that your child maintains the interest. The good thing about all these instruments is that once your kid outgrows the children’s version, they will move right to the adult version and pick up from where they left.


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